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Eterspire is a free multiplayer online role playing game. In Eterspire, you take on the role of an adventurer in the land of Thairia. Here you'll find treasure, battle monsters, explore, complete quests and make friends with other players!

Eterspire Features:

  • A vast world full of interesting and whacky characters, with unique stories to tell and quests to complete!
  • Tons of ways to customize your character: from extremely rare pieces of armour to silly frog hats and colorful capes!
  • A tightly-knit community of veterans, new players and developers alike!
  • Over 100 hours of content!
Eterspire News & Updates
Game engine fixes and more Spire levels! (1.57.0) 2022-15-07

New content:

  • Five more levels have been added to the Spire! You can reach level 23 now!


  • We've fixed the issues we were having with the game engine! As a result, the game should run well, and we can keep adding content!
Server Fixes! 2022-08-07

New content:

  • We've been working on adding new levels to the spire but ran into some issues with the game engine. However, we will try to fix them and release the new levels soon!


  • We've had some issues with the database lately, and the server has been up and down from time to time. We have fixed the issue, and the server is working properly again. Please let us know if you have any troubles connecting to Eterspire!
Spire Guardians in every level! (1.56.0) 2022-06-17

New Features and Content:

  • Five more levels have been added to the spire! You can reach level 18 now!
  • Every level has a Spire Guardian that can take you to Ryza instantly.
  • Lypriptite weapons are now available! They are dropped in level 10 and beyond!
  • Ryza Mackerel can be fished in Ryza Enclave and found in chests inside the spire.