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Eterspire is a free multiplayer online role playing game. In Eterspire, you take on the role of an adventurer in the land of Thairia. Here you'll find treasure, battle monsters, explore, complete quests and make friends with other players!

Eterspire Features:

  • A vast world full of interesting and whacky characters, with unique stories to tell and quests to complete!
  • Tons of ways to customize your character: from extremely rare pieces of armour to silly frog hats and colorful capes!
  • A tightly-knit community of veterans, new players and developers alike!
  • Over 100 hours of content!
Eterspire News & Updates
Return of Salgaraak: Changes and Updates (1.44.0) 2022-03-5

Heyo, again! At long last, here's the promised changelog for the first big Eterspire expansion: Return of Salgaraak!

(click here to see the full picture)

New Features and Content:

  • We've developed a downloadable client for the game. The reason behind this is that many players have been experiencing performance issues with the game, mostly related to poor browser configuration. With this client, that shouldn't happen anymore. You can find it here (available for Windows, Linux and Intel and M1 macOS).
  • The login menu has been completely revamped.
  • We've uploaded the second half of the A Dark Omen quest!
  • We've added over 20 new areas, including the Mining Camp, Bogtown, Vestada, the Stonehollow Marsh, the Vestadian Taiga, the Cursed Wolf Mountain and more!

  • (Starry Cape!)

  • This month's supporters item is the Starry Cape! For a limited time only, go talk to Lady Emelyn in Stonehollow to adorn yourself with this garment worthy of a wizard!
  • The Mysterious Obelisks found all across Thairia can now be used as waypoints to get to town faster! Get pebbles from vendors in every village.
  • We've added Temples. Test your strength and courage in these new dungeons full of loot and fearsome monsters!
  • Party Chat! Join a party chat channel with your friends to communicate more easily across distances (and in private)! For more information, check the "/help" command.
  • The Meteor Equipment set is now available in both regular and shiny flavours.
  • We've also –and due to popular request– introduced the Iridescent Armour set.
  • Two new bosses can be found atop the Cursed Wolf Mountain: Anul'aidem and Asen'alim. Treasure awaits those able to defeat them!
  • Added a lot of new hunts to help you hoard loot and level up faster!
  • Although this is a server thing, we've introduced instanced maps. This means that, in some areas, you might not be able to see or interact with other players.
  • Characters now walk differently depending on whether they are wielding a weapon or not.
  • We've reworked all loading screens.


  • Mobs no longer drop armour or weapons (except in some rare cases). They do drop helms, gems, rings and capes, though. And, of course, coins. You can now get your equipment from vendors across the land.
  • The price of most items in the game has been changed to better fit the new coin acquisition rate.
  • Most rewards from quests have also been updated.
  • The Golden Armour set now provides the same defense as the Sunstone Armour. The Iridescent Armour provides the same defense as the Bloodchrome Armour.
  • Silver Chests no longer contain unique items. Said items can now be obtained as rare drops from some enemies. Silver Chests now contain high amounts of coins.
  • The resell value of most items has been increased.
  • Monsters no longer drop shiny equipment. They now drop shiny shards instead. Shards can be used to upgrade your regular equipment to its shiny counterpart. Talk to Thorogud the dwarf in Vestada for more information.
  • Chests can now only be opened once. They remain open forevermore.
  • The Resurrectionist has had ENOUGH of you puny players DYING AND DYING AND DYING OVER AND OVER AND OVER, so he now charges a fee of 10% of your current gold to get you back to life.
  • The Pink Tar from the A Dark Omen quest has been relocated to the Stonehollow Swamp (East), north of Bogtown. Smellyfeet had fallen in it twice, and we were worried he might get hurt.
  • Bound items no longer vanish when dropped, although they can only be seen and picked up by the player that dropped them.
  • Mild Steel items have been graphically reworked. We've also added a number of mild steel helms.
  • There's no longer a limit on how many quests you can have in progress at the same time.
  • All items that were part of the A Dark Omen quest have been turned into key items.
  • Old Guswacha no longer increases the price of her Stat Point Reset Treatment every time you use it. Instead, we've reduced the price and it now depends on your level.
  • There's no longer a limit on how many items a stack can have (such as how many coins or shards you can have).
  • We've remade many item sprites.

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • We've reworked the game camera from scratch and it is SO MUCH BETTER now.
  • Every map in the game has a unique name now. You can see it on the bottom-right corner of the screen, under the minimap.
  • We've turned the context-sensitive text that used to be on the top-left corner of the screen into a tooltip that shows up when you hover things.
  • Menus can now be triggered via hotkeys.
  • We've worked to improve the performance of the game, particularly in places with lots of mobs and NPCs.


  • Old Guswacha's dialogue no longer freezes after you've brought her all the ingredients for her potion.
  • The inventory no longer closes after changing maps.

Also, here's a (very rough) map for most of the current game world.

(click here to see the full picture)

We hope you enjoy this expansion very much! See you around!

Return of Salgaraak (1.44.0) 2022-03-02

Heyo! We have just uploaded the first «big» eterspire expansion: Return of Salgaraak. Among many other things, this expansion introduces the second half of the A Dark Omen quest, the Mysterious Obelisk teleport system, a new monthly item for subscribers (ask Lady Emblyn in Stonehollow about it!), Temples and much, much more.

We haven't been able to write the release note yet, and this update has taken a lot to go live due to the new desktop client being released, so please be patient! We will upload the full changelog as soon as posible, but not today.

Lots of love, Lartu and Tejo.

February Supporters Item (1.43.0) 2022-02-03

Hello there! This patch note comes a little later than usual, as we released the actual update yesterday.

New Features:

  • This month's supporters item is the Blue Frog Cap! For a limited time only, go talk to Lady Emelyn in Stonehollow to clad yourself in azure ribbits, you most grandiose lords and ladies of the pond.

Bugs Fixed:

  • The Sunstone Cape has had it sprite restored.

Other News:

The main reason for the delay of this patch note is that we wanted to tell you, in detail, about our new release cycle. Since the release of Eterspire Beta II, we've been developing and deploying multiple patches per month. Originally, we used to release updates every week. Then, every ten days, on the 10th, 20th and 30th day of every month.

From now on, we'll deploy non-critical patches once per month. Our current release cycle doesn't really allow us to focus on larger, cohesive content, or features that take longer than ten days to develop. We want to bring you whole questlines, areas and interweaved content at once, so we are going with these bigger updates.

We are calling these updates Expansions. The first expansion will be released on March 1st.

Each expansion will have its own name and a theme. And, of course, more juice than regular updates. It's going to be more fun for everybody!

As we told you in the last patch note, we've been working on tools to help us make new content quicker, and the time spent doing this has payed off. Expansions are a consequence of our newfound power of making more content in less time. So brace yourselves, for the best is yet to come!