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Eterspire News & Updates
Development Roadmap 2021-02-19

Since we are having a lot of new players here, I felt that telling you what the development roadmap for the game is would be the right thing to do.

If you have any ideas for the game, post them on the forums or on the subreddit!

Thanks a lot!

Subreddit 2021-02-19

Hi there! We are having a lot of new players coming from Reddit, so I've created an Eterspire subreddit that you can use if you want. I'll be checking it from time to time just as I do with the forums, so if you have any ideas, suggestions (yes, I know that you want a mute music button, I'll add it as soon as possible!), bug reports, etc., you can do them there as well.

Also, later today I will upload the development roadmap for the game, so you know what to expect for the next weeks or months.

Thank you very much!

Malicious Ads 2021-02-18

Yesterday I signed up with ad-provider Adsterra to show ads on the Eterspire website and help me pay for the server, the website, the domain, etc. These ads were part of the website for 2 to 3 hours, but apparently they were linking to malicious websites so I had to remove them. I'm sorry if this caused any of you any problems (I hope not!).

I will try to sign Eterspire up with other ad provider in the future (just to display banner ads on the website, I'm not going to add interstitals or popups or anything that ends up bothering players), but next time I'll make sure their clients are a little more reputable than those of Adsterra.

Again, I'm deeply sorry.

Respawning and Dungeon Fixes 2021-02-17

Some mobs were not respawning right. Also, some Spire levels were made in such a way that you couldn't get to the stairs to the next level (in a different way to the already fixed bug from some days ago). This two issues have already been patched and are working properly now (I hope).

(Screenshot courtesy of Ace)

Also, I've set up a backup system for your characters in case something goes amiss with the Eterspire server.

Finally, please remember that if you find something that's not working as intended, it would be of great help if you posted about it in the forums so I can fix it. Thank you!

Libraries, Experience and Guardians 2021-02-16

A bug was found that turned your experience negative when you leveled up. That wasn't right and the issue has been fixed in 16.1β.

Library levels have been spotted in the Spire. What forgotten knowledge those books keep it's unknown, but if you are willing to find out beware the spiders!

Finally, Ciliren, the Spire Guardian, is now standing by the Spire portals in Stonehollow. If you ask him, he can teleport you to any level of the Spire that you've already visited.

Highscores 2021-02-16

I've updated the Eterspire website to include Highscores! Compete against other players for the top spots!

The strongest 50 players will be displayed in the highscores, provided that they are all above level 5. If you have any questions, please direct it to the forums.

More Loot, Death Penalty, Bosses, Level Cap and Spire Heights 2021-02-16

Version 16.0β of Eterspire brings a lot of new updates and bugfixes.

First, I believe death should be a little scarier. Booo! Until now, dying in Eterspire just meant being teleported back to the respawn pillar without any consequences.

Not anymore!

From now on, when you die you lose 5% of your current experience (up to a maximum of 5000). Losing experience won't reduce your level, though. Let's see how this goes. If the penalty is too severe (or too soft) I'll revise it.

Regarding experience, I've fixed a bug that discarded all remaining experience when leveling up (if you needed 1 exp to level up and you gained 5, 4 would go to waste). Not anymore.

Remember the level cap? It's gone now. Also the Spire is infinitely high now, so good luck exploring!

Due to a bug, enemies could attack you after they had died. They could get one last turn. Not anymore. Now dead is dead!

The game will now tell you if your client is outdated. Just in case you haven't refreshed the play page in a few days.

I've also modified again the drop tables for the spire monsters. They should drop items twice as frequently so you can find new equipment easier.

And last, but not least, I've added bosses! Once every 20 levels you'll meet face to face with this enormous beasts! They drop a lot of loot but they are stronger than normal monsters. Bring some friends and a lot of potions!

(Ignore where it says max level reached, the screenshot was taken before I removed the level cap!)

If you have any comments, reach me in the forums! See you ingame!

New Level Cap and More Spire Levels 2021-02-15

Ace has been the first player to reach max level and in less than 48 hours! Congratulations! The scoreboard right now is:

1) Ace: Level 60
2) Goldsmith: Level 45 (but more exp)
3) Vintro: Level 45 (but less exp)
4) Viralzone: Level 38
5) Iradel: Level 33
6) Yabuki: Level 28
7) Luckylook: Level 28
8) Psicolabis: Level 22
9) Abso: Level 21
10) Kablanna: Level 20

This is incredible. I wasn't expecting anybody to ever reach max level, let alone do it in the first 48 hours of the game!

In any case, I've increased the level cap from level 60 to level 120, so you can continue playing. I'll be adding more content for players over level 60 over the course of this next week, but for now I've added 1800 new Spire levels so you can carry on exploring.

Have fun!