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Eterspire is a free multiplayer online role playing game. In Eterspire, you take on the role of an adventurer in the land of Thairia. Here you'll find treasure, battle monsters, explore, complete quests and make friends with other players!

Eterspire Features:

  • A vast world full of interesting and whacky characters, with unique stories to tell and quests to complete!
  • Tons of ways to customize your character: from extremely rare pieces of armour to silly frog hats and colorful capes!
  • A tightly-knit community of veterans, new players and developers alike!
  • Over 100 hours of content!
Eterspire News & Updates
Chat between Eterspire and Discord! 2022-03-17

We've introduced global chat messages. Global chat messages are broadcasted to every player online, and also to the Discord Server (via the #global-chat channel), so you can talk to the community while you are in the game!

To send a global message, use the /g command. For example, to greet everybody online (and on Discord) say /g Hello everybody!.

The feature is still a little experimental and we know the user interface is rather clunky. We'll work on that!

FPS Limit Option 2022-03-17

In the previous news entry we mentioned that some players were worried about the high GPU usage of the PC client. As this was tied to the game attempting to render as many frames per second as possible, we've added a frame cap option in the in-game options menu to keep things running as smooth as possible without harm to your graphic cards.

Regarding High GPU Usage 2022-03-16

Some players have expressed their concerns about the very high GPU usage of the desktop client.

First of all, and since some users were worried about this, we'd like you to know that we are not mining crypto or doing any shady stuff on your computers.

Second, as you might already have guessed, the game doesn't currently cap how many frames a second it draws, so it's trying to render as many as possible, and that's what's using so much GPU power (one user has reported more than 700 FPS!). Of course this is not right, it shouldn't be like that. But since Eterspire used to be, until very recently, a web based game, this was not an issue we've had to worry about, because WebGL rendering is limited to 60 FPS. No longer being this the case, we stumble upon this problem.

We will fix this as soon as possible. We are making this a top priority! And we'll introduce an FPS cap option, so your GPUs can get back to normal operation levels.

- Lartu