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Eterspire News & Updates
Eterspire Patreon 2021-09-07

Hi there everybody! We've opened a Patreon account to help us maintain the game. At first we considered alternate monetization options such as cosmetic micro-transactions or monthly memberships, but then we thought about the possibility of keeping the game open and free for everybody and sustaining it via voluntary donations on Patreon.

We are enjoying making this game very much, we are super, super happy you like it too, and we'd love to focus as much time on it as possible. We both have daily jobs and we also spend a part of the day studying, so the time left for Eterspire is not as much as we'd like it to be. If, by some point in the future, we could maintain ourselves off Eterspire, we could spend our full time making it grow and filling it with new, exciting content. So that's what the Patreon is here for. Also, of course, running the game has some costs adjacent to it –servers, domains, database services, etc.–, so any contribution will go towards that.

Thank you, very, very, very much if you are able to contribute in any way! If you are not, worry not, the game is still free, it's still open (and we hope we can keep it this way forever!), and just playing it is already a lot and we are grateful you are here.

This also means we've removed all ads from the Eterspire website.

See you around!

– Lartu & Tejo

New Weapon Models, Highscores and More 2021-09-06

We are releasing this update sooner than planned to fix some issues that were found during the last days. As such, it's a smaller update, half an update if you will. The other half will be released this Thursday, as usual, but we didn't want to wait any longer to solve things that had to be solved.

New Content:

  • We've re-added the Highscores for Beta II! You can find them in the sidebar on the left of this page.
  • Old Guswacha can now reset your stat points, for a fee, provided you have helped her with her potion.
  • Mobs are no longer aggressive when you are above double their level.
  • The level cap has been removed. Bear in mind, though, that once you reach level 500 you'll stop receiving stat points.

Bug Fixes:

  • Hare, the glitchy Rock Crab, has been removed.
  • The Ice Warrior standing in the Snowy Hills lake has been removed.
  • Collision detection in the Snowy Hills lake has been fixed.
  • Ice Warriors have been reintroduced to the Snowy Hills after having been removed by mistake some updates ago.
  • Transmogrifying items with no sell value, such as coins, will now yeld at least 1 EXP.
  • Mobs now despawn properly after leaving and re-entering an area.
  • Middle-clicking to rotate the camera should no longer scroll the page.
  • Fixed the bug that forced you to wait 10 minutes to reconnect to the server if you closed the game tab without logging off.

In other news:

  • Most weapons have been graphically overhauled.
  • The Snowy Hills have been graphically updated a little.
  • Added a level up animation.
  • The Golden Gauntlets and Golden Greaves have been redesigned to make them different to their Sunstone counterparts.
  • Items now take 3 minutes to despawn instead of 2.
  • The main Eterspire website now supports HTTPS connections.
  • Eels now heal 80 HP instead of 50.
  • The Bone equipment has been rebalanced a little because it overlapped with the Meteor items. The Bone Shield now provides 11 DEF (previously it was 12), and the Bone Shield (S) now provides 13 Defense (previously, 15). Keep in mind that the Meteor Tower Shield provides 12 DEF and the Meteor Kite Shield 14. The Bone Sword now has a Max Damage of 85, and the Bone Sword (S), 95. Down from 90 and 100, respectively. Keep in mid that Meteor weapons have a Max Damage of 100.
Swamp Update 2021-09-04

A foggy swamp, a hoarder goblin, new equipment sets and more gather together for this week's content update! We would've liked to release this yesterday, but due to personal reasons we had to delay it until today. But don't worry, we've used the extra time to add even more new features to the game!

New Content:

  • A new quest: Save Smellyfeet's Face. Katalyn, the warrior, has lost her favourite dagger. Smellyfeet, the goblin, is about to have his behind handed to him. What a pickle! Can you help them solve their differences before things get rough?
  • A new zone: the Stonehollow Swamp. Past the Stonehollow Woods, a foggy swamp full of monsters, loot and adventure awaits!
  • A new armour set for level 150 players, along with new weapons and equipment.
  • Molly Banks, the banker, has opened a shop full of expensive, golden stuff to showcase your wealth.
  • Slug fishing and cooking, along with eels, for those of you who enjoy outdoor activities.
  • We've added some emotes. Enter /dance, /sit, /jump or /battlecry to express yourself!
  • The level cap has been raised from 160 to 200.
  • Some NPCs are now animated.

Bug Fixes:

  • In certain places and situations, particularly when entering the Rock Crab Cave, aggressive monsters would remain passive. This is no longer the case.
  • Fixed a situation where the chatbox and its shadow would desynchronize, rendering text hard to read.
  • You can no longer drop a tool and continue doing the action that tool was required for (e.g., fishing without fishing gear).
  • Fixed some fishing spots that weren't working.
  • Mobs can no longer be trapped against walls by walking over them in combat.
  • Corrected some typos.
  • Other minor, behind the scenes fixes.

In other news:

  • We've changed the way you heal. When not in combat, your health will replenish completely in around five minutes. The healing rate is higher the higher your vitality is.
  • Due to popular request, the logout timer has been increased to 10 minutes.
  • You can now press tab to switch between the username and password fields in the game login screen.
  • The amount of experience per item you can get from the transmogrification cauldron has been capped.
  • Some experience values and drops have been rebalanced.
Bank Deposit and Withdraw Fix 2021-08-28

We've fixed a very nasty bug where if you tried to deposit items to a full bank or withdraw items to a full inventory those items would be destroyed and lost. Sorry about that. Now if you try to do it, you'll receive and error message and the item will be left were it was.

I'd like to thank Svensei for reporting the issue. Sorry about your lost items!

Private Messages 2021-08-26

We've introduced private messages. You can send a private message to another player regardless of where they are by typing

/tell username message

For example

/tell cowsay41 Hello there!

Bug Fixes:

  • Item transmogrification will now prioritize non-equipped items.
  • Stackable items are now worth the value of the total stack when calculating which items you keep on death.

In other news:

  • The Undeer will now spawn at random spots of the map it's found in.
  • The Undeer has been rebalanced a bit.
Old Guswacha's Firefly Forest and More 2021-08-26

This first week of Beta II has been amazing. Many new players have joined the game and the general reception of this version has been astonishingly positive. This update is the first in a series of weekly content updates that will make Eterspire bigger and better than ever before!

New Content:

  • New area: Old Guswacha's Firefly Forest, south of Stonehollow. This magical forest is home to Old Guswacha, the oldest hag around, who may have a request for adventurers in need of questing!
  • Molly Banks, the banker, has settled in the Eterspire Inn. She can hold onto some of your items and keep them safe even if you die.
  • Transmogrification, the art of turning items into experience, has been added. Ask Old Guswacha for more information!
  • Enemies no longer display their relation to your level as "easy" or "hard". Instead, now you can see their actual numeric level.
  • We've rebalanced the defense stat works. Mobs and equipment has been rebalanced accordingly.
  • You can now create bald characters.
  • NPCs talk faster now. Also, they display (...) at the end of all their messages but the last one to let you know when the conversation is over.
  • The level cap has been raised from 125 to 160.
  • A new set of equipment to be obtained by those brave enough to face the ghostly being roaming the woods!

Bug Fixes:

  • You can no longer create accounts with non-alphanumeric and underscore characters. Existing accounts are not affected by this change.
  • Selling an item will now sell the selected item instead of the first one in your inventory, which was usually the equipped one.
  • Other critical, behind the scenes fixes.

In other news:

  • A link to the Discord server has been added to the play page.
  • We've created an empty Eterspire Wiki for you to fill. Some players have already been hard at work on it, keep it up! You can find a link to the wiki in the sidebar, under the Community section.
Teleporting Mobs and General Bugfixes 2021-08-20

Yesterday we released Eterspire Technical Beta 2. As expected, we found many bugs that arose when multiple users where playing at the same time. We've been working hard to fix them!


  • Mobs no longer teleport all over the place.
  • Leveling up while cooking, fishing or woodcutting will now update your stats properly.
  • The in-game New Account button no longer displays a 404 error message when clicked.
  • Other players are no longer found floating in the Snowy Plains river (as shown in the picture above).
  • Enemies no longer chase you into buildings.
  • Fixed some minor graphical issues.

Many typos have been also corrected. Thank you for reporting them!

In other news:

  • Autocooking: you can now cook your entire inventory with a single click. When you start cooking, you will continue doing so until you are out of ingredients or move away.
  • Intermediate Levels: we've updated the way you level up by adding five intermediate levels in-between each of the old levels. This way, instead of getting five stat points at once for every level up, you get one for every intermediate level, making the process of character building more gradual and fair.
Eterspire Beta 2 2021-08-19

Eterspire Beta II is out! This new version of the game brings many, many changes to the table. The gameplay is different, the world is different. You can do much more, it's a true sandbox experience and the possibilities are endless!

Being a technical beta, please understand that there might be bugs and some unfinished or not-fully-implemented features. Things will break and will be fixed. It's all part of the process. We hope you enjoy the game as much as we enjoyed developing it!

Also, the game has changed so much that it's necessary to create a new account to play the game, you cannot use your old character. Sorry about that!

Thank you very much for being here! See you in Stonehollow! 🎉