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Eterspire News & Updates
Teleporting Mobs and General Bugfixes 2021-08-20

Yesterday we released Eterspire Technical Beta 2. As expected, we found many bugs that arose when multiple users where playing at the same time. We've been working hard to fix them!


  • Mobs no longer teleport all over the place.
  • Leveling up while cooking, fishing or woodcutting will now update your stats properly.
  • The in-game New Account button no longer displays a 404 error message when clicked.
  • Other players are no longer found floating in the Snowy Plains river (as shown in the picture above).
  • Enemies no longer chase you into buildings.
  • Fixed some minor graphical issues.

Many typos have been also corrected. Thank you for reporting them!

In other news:

  • Autocooking: you can now cook your entire inventory with a single click. When you start cooking, you will continue doing so until you are out of ingredients or move away.
  • Intermediate Levels: we've updated the way you level up by adding five intermediate levels in-between each of the old levels. This way, instead of getting five stat points at once for every level up, you get one for every intermediate level, making the process of character building more gradual and fair.
Eterspire Beta 2 2021-08-19

Eterspire Beta II is out! This new version of the game brings many, many changes to the table. The gameplay is different, the world is different. You can do much more, it's a true sandbox experience and the possibilities are endless!

Being a technical beta, please understand that there might be bugs and some unfinished or not-fully-implemented features. Things will break and will be fixed. It's all part of the process. We hope you enjoy the game as much as we enjoyed developing it!

Also, the game has changed so much that it's necessary to create a new account to play the game, you cannot use your old character. Sorry about that!

Thank you very much for being here! See you in Stonehollow! 🎉

Discord Link 2021-03-13

Hi there! It beats me why, but the Discord link on the sidebar wasn't working anymore. This has been fixed, you are all welcome to join the Eterspire Discord server!

Have a great day!

Chatbox Scrolling, Better Global Chat, Donations and More 2021-02-28

One of the most requested features (with good reason!) has always been chatbox scrolling. Combat spams the chatbox, other players talking to NPCs spam the chatbox, etc. Today I bring you a number of updates to address that.

First and foremost, chatbox scrolling. You can now scroll the chatbox and read previous messages! I believe this is an enormous quality of life upgrade we'll all enjoy, so I'm very proud it's finally here in version 19.0β.

As seen in the picture above, NPC chat now also appears in the chatbox, another much requested feature. Also, when you talk to an NPC, your messages won't go into the global chat anymore. No more "hi", "fix", "help" spamming! This new chatbox also supports longer messages, up to 200 characters long, twice the previous length.

I have reworked the /help command to give more information to players.

Also, I have added a /report command you can use to report abusive and rule-breaking players. I will be taking care of those reports personally to keep this community as healthy as possible.

Next, I've reworked the chat filter a little. Small thing, but it now works better. Multiple accounts with offensive usernames have been banned and the signup process has been modified to prevent users from signing up with other offensive names in the future. New moderation tools have also been implemented.

Bennys the Gear Fixer can now fix all your items at the same time (not only the equipped ones) by telling him fix all. If you want to know the price for that, a tell all will suffice.

Finally, I have added a Donate button to the sidebar. If you want to donate some money to fund the development of Eterspire, I would be super, super thankful! But do not feel pressured to do so, it's not a requirement to play the game or anything.

Thank you for everything!

Chatbox Scrolling, Better Global Chat and More! 2021-02-27

I've been scrolling through the Eterspire logs when responding to the aforementioned abuse incidents and I found out a little more about what Eterspire players like about the game and what you'd want to be added to it.

My previous development roadmap was a list of the features I would like to add to the game sooner or later, but it wasn't really based on what the actual player base wants. I have, thus, modified it a little.

In order, the things that will be added (without counting fixing bugs, excepts the bugs listed here) will probably be:

  1. Prevent the signup from signing up players with abusive names.
  2. A way to report abusive players.
  3. A way to ignore players you don't want chatting with you.
  4. A way to change your password.
  5. A way to add an email to secure your account in case you forget your password.
  6. Make messages sent when chatting with an NPC not go into the global chat.
  7. Add a way to fix all your items at once (not only the equipped ones).
  8. Modify the Spire so not all monsters are "Unchallenging" (in fact, they shouldn't be, but you level up too fast!)
  9. Make Spire floors smaller so they are not so maze-y!
  10. Add new weapons and equipment for high level players.
  11. Add scrolling to the chat.
  12. Add a way to rearrange your inventory.
  13. Fix the bug where people see other players in random levels of the spire when they are not there.
  14. Add more interesting features to Spire floors, such as traps and treasure.

In no particular order and maybe between the things listed there, I will also probably:

  • Add combat sounds.
  • Add combat indicators for damage and blocking.
  • Add health bars above mobs and players.
  • Add shops and NPCs that sell you stuff.
  • Add more valuable junk items for high level players.
  • Add special junk drops for bosses.
  • Rebalance combat to make level impact more on your damage.
  • A crafting / cooking system.
  • Quests
  • Chat Channels (Global / Local / NPCs / Combat)
  • A faster way to consume potions.
  • Autorunning.
  • Add NPC dialogue to the Chatbox.
  • New maps!
  • Add a FAQ section to the website.
  • Spire maps that fill as you explore.

I hope you like this new roadmap. I believe it will make the game better for everybody.

New Development Roadmap

I've added a new highscores table that ranks the players that have gone to the highest levels of the Spire. It can be found in the usual Highscores page.

Discord Server

Finally - and thanks to popular request -, I have opened a Discord Server for Eterspire. It's still under 'development', as I haven't yet added any other channels but it's a start. I will be adding a link to the Discord server in the Community section of the sidebar later today.

Player abuse and harassment 2021-02-26

I have received reports -via the forums- that some players have been harassing other players and/or signing up with offensive names. This will not be tolerated. I’m sorry that some of you that have been offended by abusive players, I will take action immediately. Eterspire is a relatively new game and it still lacks proper moderation features, such as a report abuse button or an option to ignore less-than-likeable players, but my next objective will be to add those.

Characters with offensive names will be deleted two days from now. If your character has an offensive name and you would like it changed, contact me via the forums, via reddit or via this Discord server that I am still setting up. Don’t forget to tell me why shouldn’t I delete your character in the first place for having broken the rules.

Also, I will be checking the activity logs for the characters have been reported and those found having been harassing other players will be banned. If you want to appeal a ban, contact me via the methods stated in the previous paragraph.

Eterspire has a clear set of rules that I expect every player to follow. I will not allow the world of Eterspire to be turned into a toxic environment. There are plenty other MMOs that you can play if you want to be part of a toxic environment, Eterspire is not one of those. I want Eterspire to be a place where everyone can have fun and make friends with the tolerance and respect all of this requires.

Also, if you'd like to report an abusive player, please use the forums or send me a PM via Discord or Twitter or Reddit. I promise to add more straightforward methods in the future, but this is all we have at the moment.

If you have any questions, you know where to find me.

Ads 2021-02-25

Hi there, I wanted to announce something publicly. Running Eterspire costs money (I have to pay for the servers, for the bandwidth, for the URL domain, etc.), so I have added some advertising to the website.

This time the ad provider is Google AdSense, so the ads shown should be reputable.

I have added only banner ads, no pop-ups, interstitials or anything that's too bothersome for players and visitors. I don't want to make this an awkward experience for you. There are, at most, two ads per page (two in the news pages, one in every other page including the play page).

I hope this is not too inconvenient for you. Please, if you can, I'd be thankful if you could turn off AdBlock for the Eterspire website. I understand if you don't, but if you did it would really help me!

There are instructions on how to disable AdBlock for a particular domain here.

That's all for now, thank you!

Bug Fixes and Big Map Support 2021-02-24

I have uploaded version 18.0β of the Eterspire client. This release fixes some bugs releated to mob positioning. Monsters shouldn't appear underground anymore.

I have also introduced big map support to the game. This means that in the future I could add giant new islands to Eterspire. No new areas have been added yet, though. There's still work to do in Stonehollow.