Eterspire 23.0


From January 31st to February 14th, Eterspire's community Discord Server hosted a screenshot contest called "Show off your character in your favorite zone." Participants shared their best screenshots, showcasing their characters in various zones of the game. The server mods will select the winner, who will be rewarded with a unique cape to wear in-game. We're grateful to everyone who participated; the entries were impressive, making the choice tough for just one winner. For those interested in joining future contests, we encourage you to become part of Eterspire's community server.



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We're excited to announce that, from now on, updates will be released twice a month, on the 14th and 28th. This update may seem smaller as we've been focusing heavily on planning for future updates and addressing server bugs. The team at Stonehollow Workshop is growing, and we're thrilled about the bright future ahead for the game.

See you on the 28th!

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