Eterspire: Journey Anew!
(Version 30.0)

Journey Anew!

We're thrilled to present Eterspire: Journey Anew! This update introduces a brand new main storyline and revamps the entire experience from level 1 to 20. Join the Adventurers' Guild with Arami, Katalyn, Mako, and Captain Suller on this exciting new adventure!

In future updates, we will release additional chapters of the story. Naturally, the old content from levels 1 to 20 has been removed, which includes the removal of some quests and the relocation of certain maps. Maps for levels 20 and beyond remain, but since some can no longer be reached by walking, we've added The Realm of the Lost Maps with portals to these areas.

Indicator System

We've introduced a new indicator system to make it easier to know where to go to complete each objective of the new quests. The legacy quests do not use this system, but as we expand the new storyline, it will cover more parts of the game.

SSO Login

We've added support for Google Play Games and Apple Game Center login. Legacy accounts with username and password will still work as usual, but this change makes it easier to create new accounts. Additionally, the game now logs you in automatically, so you won't need to connect every time.

Heart and Blessed Fragments Now Available!

We've added Heart Fragments and Blessed Fragments to the Store. These fragments offer additional benefits over the regular Soul Fragments, making it easier to upgrade your items to +10!

Other Changes:

Other Eterspire Store Changes:

Bugfixes & Improvements:

The Eterspire Wiki Contest has concluded!

Throughout June a contest was held in our community server to award the best article created for the Eterspire Wiki. Cheezy and 4ddikx, as well as Doctor and XBeefy, will receive the "Shining Book of Champions" cosmetic item as collaborators in the winning entries!

All the participants, along with our Mod team, who worked hard for this event, will also receive the "Book of Shared Knowledge"! Congratulations to everyone!

The Adventurer's Guild Community Challenge begins today!

Complete Eterspire's new main quest and share it with our Discord community to earn special rewards like cosmetics and Crystal giveaways! To discover all of the rewards available and earn points for the event, join our community Discord server!

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