A message from Lartu and Tejo

A disclaimer!

Before you play Eterspire, a message from us, the developers:

"Hello! We are Lartu and Tejo. We've worked very hard for the past year to bring you Eterspire. The game is still in its infancy, and we continue adding new content periodically. There is a lot of content, but it's not ALL the content we'd like to have in the game."

(February 18, 2022)

Firefox users! Please read this!

It's been reported by some users that the button below doesn't work on certain Firefox builds. We are aware of this issue and we are working to fix it. In the meantime, we recommend you play the game on Edge, Chrome or Chromium, since the game also performs much better there. Thank you!

Alternatively, you can disable HTTPS-Only Mode at the bottom of the Privacy & Security tab of the Firefox settings and try again.

Performance Issues? Read this!

If you are experiencing performance issues and the game runs at a very low framerate, make sure that you have Hardware Acceleration enabled in your browser.

Okay! Let's go!