A message from Lartu and Tejo

A disclaimer!

Before you play Eterspire Technical Beta 2, a message from us, the developers.

"Hello! We are Lartu and Tejo. We've worked very hard for the past year to bring you Eterspire (Beta 2). We wanted to release a playable version as soon as possible to gather player feedback, and so the game has a minimal amount of content. We wanted to focus on quests, but we've only added a few so far. There is content, but it's not ALL the content we'd like to have in the final release of the game.

This is a technical beta, which means we are stress testing the servers and that there might still be some bugs in the game. It's to be expected. The game might fail in ways we haven't predicted.

Last, but not least, we are working on more content. We will add more quests and new maps and enemies and items and much more over the course of the next weeks. Stay tuned!"

(September 4th, 2021)

Okay! Let's go!